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Collaroy House

On a site that has served the clients family for generations, the home sets out to continue this connection to the local area.   Envisaged as a “home to grow old in”, the house responds to the family dynamics and needs that will inevitably evolve. 


Set over three levels, the house spreads itself across the site to access views, encourage light and ventilation throughout the plan.  The home is ordered into two volumes pulled apart to allow sun into the middle of the house.   This division provides the entry point to the home centrally rather than the traditional front door facing the street.   This house centre is occupied by paired courtyards serving as an anchor for the home's circulation and provides a unique internal outlook and engagement for the home. 


The two volumes serve as two distinct spaces. The northern pavilion containing the kitchen, living, dining, and terrace engages with the street and visually connects to the beach. High-level ceilings and a large fireplace create a sense of a grand room.  The southern pavilion containing the bedrooms, family room and home study acts as the counterbalance, containing rooms and private outlooks that create a sense of retreat and privacy. 


Employing a sturdy material palette to endure and age well with the coastal location.  Burnt recycled timber board cladding sits atop a podium of sandstone and off-form concrete floors and planters. 




Builder: Bravura

Interior Design: Sarah Davidson

Landscape Architect: Taylor Brammer

Landscaping: Lux Landscapes


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